Rat earrings - Cinderella Garbage recycled jewelry
Rat earrings - Cinderella Garbage recycled jewelry

Rat earrings

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This item is part of the Rat collection.

The Rat Collection is a comment on cultural emblems associated with standards of beauty and ugliness. These little rodents, which are unloved by many, are given a noble value now that garbage – their natural habitat – is sublimed by our jewels.

The size of the stone for this item is 10X18 mm.

This item is part of a limited edition of 500. 

This item is offered in sterling silver. We can also make it in solid gold 10K, 14K or 18K on demand. Please contact us at info@cinderellagarbage.com for further information about this.

Please note that our stone, the Cinderlite, is a synthetic material that comes from an industrial transformation process. I may happen that some stones have slight variations in colors, from dark green to grey. We always choose the most dense and compact stones, however some stones may have micro-bubbles that do not affect the quality of the stone. Each stone is unique and is chosen very carefully.